Selected students’ comments:

“I did not start this class as a good student. Before this quarter, I’ve been a C student for like 2 years. Thanks to Khoi’s patient and no-nonsense instruction, I became a success story with 100% on every assignment and test. There is so much gate-keeping in mathematics, and Khoi completely ignored this practice. Instead, he provided us with clear methods for problem-solving, and went above and beyond to help even the most confused students. I myself remembered nothing from part A, and he patiently took discussion time to remind us of prerequisite theorems. Everyone had the chance to ACE this class, and that is not something I usually have. I am thankful to Khoi for giving me a chance, and building my confidence in math. It’s because of him I am going to keep studying math after college! :D”a student in Math 145B – Upper division second sequence Topology

Khoi was an amazing teacher, he really cared for each of his students and wanted everyone to do well in the class. Khoi was easily accessible and always available when needed. Khoi has an amazing understanding of the subject and was able to break it down so everyone could understand it.”a student in Math 145B – Upper division second sequence Topology

Khoi is AMAZING. He goes above and beyond to see his students succeed, it’s clear he’s passionate about mathematics and his love for math is contagious. It’s been an absolute pleasure to attend his discussions. Five stars! Would definitely recommend!!”a student in Math 135A – Upper division Numerical Analysis

Khoi was very helpful as a TA and very effective during discussion. In the beginning, Khoi’s joking manner seemed a bit coarse but later you realize hes just joking and he doesn’t mean anything by what he says and you can loosen up around him. I felt that he kept up with the material in the lectures and I was very grateful that he did that so that we wouldn’t go too far ahead of the lecture or he would connect it to what the professor did in class. That was extremely helpful. I am glad that he goes through the hw with us because that is also helpful. Thanks for carrying us through the quarter!”a student in Math 135A – Upper division Numerical Analysis

Math 046- Introduction to Differential Equation: ” Absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed this quarter and making this subject understandable. I wished I could’ve spent some time using the office hours and I regret not taking advantage of it, but I am very sure the people that attended your office hours did very well on the exam. One minor suggestion is maybe clearly label steps like what you did for 5.4 with the homogeneous equations. Just a simple suggestion I recommend, and other than that, amazing. I wish I could have you again for my upper division math courses. Thank you and enjoy your Christmas!”a student in Math 046 – Lower division Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

To see the materials in the courses that I taught, please click on the link of each course.

Winter 2023

Math 168: Mathematical Modeling

Math 10A: Multivariable Calculus

Fall 2022

Math 022: Business Calculus

Math 135A: Introduction to Numerical Analysis Section 002 and Section 003
Notes on Scale Partial Pivoting

Summer 2022

Math 120: Optimization section A

Math 046: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equation section A

Spring 2022

Math 194: Stochastic Processes and applications:

Math 145B: Topology section 002

Math 146C: Partial Differential Equations (PDE) section 002 and section 003

Winter 2022

Math 007B (Calculus for Health Science)

Fall 2021

Math 031 (Applied Linear Algebra): Section 013

Math 046 (Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equation): Section 002 and Section 005


Math 115 Business Calculus (CSU, Long Beach): https://way2stars.org/past-teaching